St. Andrew, Jamaica was the site of the fifth annual Strawberry Hill High Stakes Backgammon tournament, and for Michael Hirst, he used his 30 years of experience in the game to take down his opponent for the championship. Hirst beat Andrew Issa, one of the last players to qualify for the main draw, 15-12 in the final match to take home the lucrative $455,000 first place prize. For his efforts, Hirst also won airline tickets for two to London from Virgin Atlantic, weekend for two at Island Outpost properties, six months membership at Gymkhana, as well as a Sony Ericsson W810 telephone from Digicel. All in all, it was a pretty good couple of days for Hirst, who also had to get by Alastair Macbeath, former two-time winner of the event, just to get the chance to face Issa. Issa, who just recently starting playing backgammon, blamed a couple of bad moves on his part for the loss. At one point, Issa was up 12-8 in the match, but then took a cube that he later regretted. "I got a little deflated, little tired. I let up on the game and my concentration went," Issa said. Issa can't be too disappointed—he walked away with the runner-up prize of $260,000.
Danish-born Lars "Buster" Bentzon had a very tough rough to hoe during the World Backgammon Championship in Monte Carlo. However, he was able to get past his opponents on the way to victory and the £60,000 first prize on Sunday, July 18. Before this month, Bentzon had been best known for being the manager for professional poker player Gus Hansen. However now, he has a professional world title to add to his resume. Bentzon beat Spaniard Ricardo Mala 25-9 to capture the title. Bentzon also had a formidable opponent in the semi-final round as well. Facing off against fellow Dane Pia Jeppesen, considered one of the best female backgammon players in the world, Bentzon defeated Jeppesen 23-16 to move on to the final round. In all, 158 players participated in the World Backgammon Champion Main Division, so Bentzon had to be on his best to advance against several world-class players. Bentzon has been a Danish Backgammon Federation member since 1998, and also plays for the Muma Lustra Team. Ironically, Bentzon was traveling to Denmark to play in a poker tournament with Hansen, however after Hansen was unavoidably detained in Denmark, Bentzon opted to enter the backgammon tournament instead. It's safe to say that Bentzon made the correct decision.
Have you never played Bingo before? Are you confused whether you should play Bingo online or by visiting a traditional casino? If yes, following points will resolve your “Online Bingo vs Traditional Bingo” dilemma.

Allows you to socialize:
One of the major advantages that online Bingo offers is the feature of chat rooms. As a newbie, you can enter the chat rooms and interact with other players. By communicating with the fellow players in a cool and casual way, you can increase your knowledge about the game and also learn some tricks of the trade. You can even consult other players to resolve any doubt associated with online bingo. Although traditional casinos allow you to interact face-to-face with other players, the atmosphere over there is usually not as calm and comfortable as it is in your home. Thus, playing bingo online allows you to socialize, without even having to step out of your house.

Provides you with sufficient time to learn the game:
Another advantage that online Bingo has over its traditional counterpart is the fact that it allows you to learn the ropes of the game. The online versions offer free Bingo games to their new customers. This means that you can first practice the game and hone your skills without having to fear about losing money. The icing on the cake is that some online bingo websites, to attract new customers, even offer cash prize on free Bingo games.

Now that you know playing Bingo online could be a better option, chose to play on the website that offers attractive benefits. You can read the reviews of the websites offering Bingo games and then take an informed decision.

You can play roulette on iPhone for real money and experience all the excitement of watching the wheel spin and the ball land on the number you chose. The iPhone casino also has other exciting casino games, including lots of different slots games, card games, and much more.

For many years, Howard Ring established himself in the United States as one of backgammon's most successful players. However, Ring died in September 2005, and now the United States Backgammon Association (USBGF) has decided to honor Ring's memory with a quiz in his name.

The USBGF will has launch the first Howard Ring Memorial Quiz, at the Los Angeles Open held on the June 11-13 weekend in Van Nuys, California. The quiz will be composed of 14 questions that will be composed by current greats in the game of backgammon—Joseph (Joe) Russell, Steve Sax, Phil Simborg, Stick Rice and Paul Weaver, all of whom hold positions on the board or in committees with the USBGF, and all, like Howard Ring, are active in promoting the game of backgammon throughout the country.

The quiz will be given free of charge to all USBGF members and new registrations throughout 2010 and for the sum of $10 to non-members.

Ring was the winner of the very last World Cup event held in 1998, a tournament held every two years in the United States from 1988 to 1998.

Ring was also the original editor of the Giants of Backgammon list, and a Backgammon Giant in all lists published until his tragic death in 2005.

The USBGF is a non-profit organization devoted to advancing the awareness, participation, education and enjoyment of the skill-based game of backgammon.

Several players who play a game of roulette employ various strategies to win in the game. However, Derren Brown used an out-of-the-box strategy. He used a concept of physics to win in roulette. However, if you would like to know How To Play Roulette for beginners and use this strategy, this will not be the recommended way for you to start.

So, what did he do ? Brown used to calculate the speed and rate of the deceleration of the ball and then calculated the chances of where it can land. certainly not an easy task for the everyday players, but for this genius, it made much sense.

The strategy used by Brown is one of its kinds as it is the first time that any roulette player comes up with such unique idea to win in roulette, which actually worked in real time.

However, based on this strategy used by Brown, several systems have been developed, which now easily help to calculate the chances of where the ball will land thereby providing the players with an effective strategy to win in a game of roulette.

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